MyBookkeepingManager Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Why isn't MyBookkeepingManager free?

A. The reason why we charge a small amount of money for the software is to cover advertising costs. If we didn't charge anything at all, we would lose money by running the web site.

Q. Why can the software be used online or downloaded?

A. As the software is written in PHP and MySQL, once downloaded, you can modify it to suit your own needs if you want to. You might also prefer to install the software locally on your hard disk rather than using a version that is used by other people (although it is perfectly safe to do this).

On the other hand, downloading and installing the software does require a certain amount of effort, whereas using the online (web-based) version is simply a case of browsing to a web site, registering, and logging on.

Q. Why is the software available on a memory stick?

A. This, in some ways, gives you best of both worlds in that you have your own personal version of the software, but you don't have to worry about installing and configuring it - this is all done for you. It is a more expensive option, but this is to cover the cost of the memory stick itself as well as the production and postage costs.

Q. Will I have to pay again if the software gets updated?

A. No. You only pay once. When new updates to the software are released, the online version is automatically updated. If you have downloaded the software, you are still entitled to receive the updates, but you will need to contact us and we will send them to you. If you have purchased the software on a memory stick, it is still possible that you will be able to update your software, but again you will need to contact us.

Q. How often is the software updated?

A. We don't have a fixed schedule of when we intend to release updates, but the next release will be announced on the website when released.

Q. How much customer support is provided?

A. We provide limited email support. The revenue generated by sales of the software does not enable us to employ customer support staff so we, the developers, have to provide the support ourselves. We will always try our best to resolve any issues.

Q. How secure is the online version?

A. The online version of the software is a website, so it would be naive and irresponsible of us to say that it is 100% safe. However, MyBookkeepingManager is designed in such a way that you are never prompted to enter sensitive data, and you don't have to use your real name or email address when you register. In other words, you can use the application anonymously if you so wish.

Q. How often is the online version backed up?

A. We aim to back up the website every day, although on occasion it may be that the site doesn't get backed up for two or three days.

Q. Why isn't there a trial version?

A. As the software is so cheap to buy, we decided that we would not offer a trial version. However, we understand that people will want to know what they will be getting for their money, which is why we have included a detailed video tour.