Customise MyBookkeepingManager

MyBookkeepingManager is bookkeeping software that contains web pages written in HTML and PHP. The PHP parts of the web pages either read from, or write to, database tables.

If you download MyBookkeepingManager, you will have full access to the application's source code, enabling you to customise it to suit your own needs (if you need to).

For more information about PHP, please go to:

For an introduction to MySQL, please go to MySQL article.

Why have we made the source code for MyBookkeepingManager available?

When I first developed MyBookkeepingManager years ago, I did it so that I could learn a bit about PHP and MySQL. It would probably have been much easier to use an existing accounting or bookkeeping package that was already available on the market, but if I had done that I would not have learnt anything about programming.

While I was developing the software I used to browse the Internet looking for suitable bits of code that I could 'borrow' and modify. I was constantly amazed by how much free code was available, without which I would probably never have managed to produce MyBookkeepingManager.

My intention with MyBookkeepingManager was never really to make loads of money out of it, which is just as well because I haven't! It has served its purpose though - I use it myself because I'm an IT contractor and the software does what I need it to.

When someone buys and subsequently uses the software, it gives me a nice warm feeling inside. If they also want to customise the software, then that's great as well - I'm pleased when someone uses a peice of code that I have written, although I have to admit that I can't really remember now which bits I wrote myself and which bits I borrowed. It doesn't matter though as it all goes into the melting pot that is the World Wide Web.

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