Generating Financial Reports from Within MyBookkeepingManager

Although the main monthly spreadsheet gives you an overview of the data you have entered into the MyBookkeepingManager accounting / bookkeeping software application, and the calculations that have been made, it is sometimes useful to be able to print out or export a list of specific items, for example, a list of all the sales that have been made for a particular year or customer, a list of the rent paid for a particular year, or a list of dividend payments made to shareholders for a particular year.

Typically, if you are a sole trader or contractor, you could add any financial reports you generate to the pack of information you pass to your accountant to assist with the preparation of your company accounts.

Generate a Report

To generate a report:

  1. From the menu bar at the top of the MyBookkeepingManager window, click Reports.
  2. Select the type of report you want to generate.
  3. Select the year for which you want to generate the report.
  4. Click the button to generate the report.

Print a Report

Having generated a report you can print it by clicking the Print Report button at the base of the report.

Export Data in Comma Separated Value (CSV) Format

Having generated a report you can export the data in comma separated value (csv) format by clicking the Download CSV file link. This is useful if you want to import the data into a spreadsheet package such as Microsoft Office Excel.

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