Overview of MyBookkeepingManager

MyBookkeepingManager is a simple bookkeeping software application aimed at micro businesses such as IT contractors, freelancers, and sole traders - typically those having just one or two employees.

MyBookkeepingManager concentrates on the main bookkeeping activities performed by many such businesses, providing a simple, easy-to-use, software solution.

The software can be either used online (web-based / cloud), or it can be downloaded and installed on a web server of your choice.

What does it do?

MyBookkeepingManager enables monthly sales, loans, salaries, income tax, national insurance (both employees and employers), pension contributions, bank interest, bank charges, office or desk rental, vehicle expenses, accountancy and legal fees, travel and accommodation expenses, plus much more to be recorded.

The software then automatically calculates and outputs financial data, providing you with a detailed view of the current state of your company's finances. This financial data can then be exported from the application and, for example, passed onto your accountant or imported into a spreadsheet package for further analysis.

Navigation within the application

All primary navigation within MyBookkeepingManager is performed via a single menu bar across the top of the window, which is always available wherever you are in the application.

In-application help

Contextual help is available from anywhere in the application. Simply click the ? Help link to see a help page that relates to the current task you are performing.

Use anywhere on any web-enabled device

As MyBookkeepingManager is available as a web-based application, you can use it on any web-enabled device, for example, you can use it on a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. This means you can keep your business finances up-to-date without needing to be in your office.

The code

MyBookkeepingManager is written in PHP and MySQL. Everything revolves around one class, and we've tried to keep the code as simple as possible. This is primarily so that people new to PHP and MySQL programming will be able to easily understand what's going on if they want to download and install and subsequently customise the software.

Web server

If you want to download and install MyBookkeepingManager you'll need to have a web server available, which supports PHP and MySQL. The server can be either on your own computer, or on a third party computer.

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