Setting Up Your MyBookkeepingManager Profile - Creating an Account

In order to use the MyBookkeepingManager bookkeeping software, you need to create an account (register). This is necessary in order to distinguish you from other users who may need to use the software. With the online version of MyBookkeepingManager there are many users and they all need to be uniquely identified.

To register with MyBookkeepingManager (create an account/register):

  1. From the menu bar at the top of the MyBookkeepingManager window, click Register.
  2. Enter your email address, name, and password (twice), and click Register.
Email address

Enter up to 40 characters. MyBookkeepingManager performs a basic check to make sure that the format of the email address is correct. It does not, however, check that you have entered a valid email address. If you forget your password though, you can opt to have a new one generated and sent to you (only relevant for the online version), at the email address you used when you registered. Therefore, if you use a fictional email address, your new password will not get to you. This is a compulsory field.


Enter up to 30 characters of free format text. This is a compulsory field.


Enter up to 34 characters of free format text in both password fields. These are compulsory fields. The application checks that the two passwords are identical. There is not a minimum number of characters that must be entered. The password is encrypted when it is stored in the database.

After you have registered, you are prompted to log in.

Updating Your User Profile

Note: You must be logged on to MyBookkeepingManager to be able to carry out the procedure described below.

To update your profile:

  1. From the menu bar at the top of the MyBookkeepingManager window, click Update Profile.
  2. Update one or more fields and click Update Details.

The field descriptions are described above.

Note: If you update your email address and/or your password, you must log in again. If you don't, when you try to perform a task where email/password validation is performed (automatically by the application), for example, adding a new month, an error message is displayed. The error message contains a link so that you can log in.

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